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Books & Spoken Word


A Popular Place to Explode

Heartworm #63

Full-Length Collection | 2016

A Popular Place to Explode, Paul’s second full-length collection, examines failure in a failing place. The poems are inspired by the psychology of broken and forgotten neighborhoods and unearth the humor, anxiety, anger, sadness, and occasional beauty of it all.

First Edition of 300 - Sold Out
Second Edition of 200 - Available for purchase here

The Man Who Can't Say No
Heartworm #61  
7" Vinyl | 2015

The Man Who Can't Say No is a recording of Eric Paul reading 13 of his latest poems. 

Available for purchase here



My Parents Were Insects
Anchor Brain #06
Chapbook | 2013

My Parents Were Insects is a short 28 page collection of poetry and lyrics by Eric Paul. The collection features brand new poetry by the author and never before seen lyrics to unreleased songs by Arab On Radar, The Chinese Stars, and Doomsday Student.

Sold Out Edition of 350

I Sleep With Their Bones
Bathetic #59
Cassette/Digital | 2013


I Sleep With Their Bones is Paul's first foray into recording his dynamic and twisted work into the "spoken word" format. Recorded at Machines With Magnets in Providence, R.I., the recording collects some all-time classics from Eric Paul, taken from his well-known and sought after books such as I Offered Myself As The Sea (Heartworm Press).

Sold Out Edition of 500

Love in the Monkey Cage
Heartworm #28
Chapbook | 2008


A short collection of poems and lyrics. Hand bound, screen printed cover. 

Sold Out Edition of 250  

I Offered Myself As The Sea
Heartworm #16
Full-Length Collection | 2007

I Offered Myself As The Sea is a 79 page collection of poems as well as lyrical content from Paul's respective musical outings, Arab On Radar and The Chinese Stars.

Sold Out Edition of 1,000